What We Do

  1. COVID-19 vaccination promotion supported by UNICEF/PRAXIS.
  2. COVID-19 relief work in Lucknow, Ballia and Azamgarh with the support of SIDBI. The organisation supplied dry ration, cooked food, medicines kits, masks and sanitisers to deprived communities and migrant labours. Counselling on pre- and post-COVID-19 period.
  3. Flood relief and WATSAN in Ballia with the help of Oxfam.
  4. Create model VHNSC in Ballia and Unnao with the support of Oxfam.
  5. Education: Established Community Based Grievance Redressal Mechanism by strengthening PRI system in Ballia District. Pilot Phase by UNICEF/ActionAid.
  6. Childcare and protection: Ensuring child rights of every child who needs care and protection 24X7 by the support of MoWCD/Childline India Foundation.
  7. PACS (A DFID supported programme): Improving non-discriminatory access to livelihood, education and health for 40,000 Dalit/Muslim families in three districts of Uttar Pradesh. Leadership development of Muslim women.
  8. VHNSC: Capacity building of VHNSC involving with the CBOs.
  9. Right to Safe Drinking Water: For ensuring and promoting accessibility of people to arsenic free water, NBNVS organised the community of 10 gram panchayats of Reoti block into a CBO – Jan Shakti Morcha – with a membership of 5,000 people. JSM advocated for safe drinking water, proper implementation of MNREGA, social development and welfare schemes, proper functioning of local self government through meetings, rallies, demonstrations and submission of memorandum to district administration and ruling parliamentarians. Three hundred fifty deep well boring hand pump mark III installed; water filters provided to households; 80 per cent population achieved access to safe drinking water; 1500 job cards issued and are getting work under MNREGA; 110 BPL cards allotted; 35 old age people have got pension; six women from JSM contested panchayat election and two got elected.
  10. Right to Dignity and Right to Food for the Community Engaged in Loathsome Work. NBNVS mobilised and empowered socially excluded community mehtar, who carried human nightsoil on their heads, in 19 wards of Reoti, Sikandarpur and Sadar blocks of Ballia district. It formed Samman Manch, whose capacity has been built through several training and leadership development programmes. For ensuring their right to dignified life and right to food the Samman Manch submitted a memorandum to the District Magistrate for livelihood security and getting rid of the inhuman activity of carrying human wastes on their head. As a result of the organisation’s interventions 257 women left the loathsome work and 85 women got the job of safai karmachari at different panchayats. A balwadi, primary and junior high school were established by the government for ensuring right to education for the girl child of this community.
  11. NBNVS and DUDA organised skill-based trainings for 75 youths in different trades like motor mechanic and motor winding. Forty-eight women got loans from DUDA and SC Finance Corporation Uttar Pradesh for self-employment.
  12. Child Survival Project (CSP-BRICS-2) World Vision supported NBNVS for ensuring the health rights of mother and child in 38 gram panchayats of Barria block of Ballia district. A total of 12,780 children were fully immunised and neutralised; 17,800 children of 0-14 age group got Vitamin “A” supplement; 8,500 new couple were made aware and mobilised for family planning; and 3,000 pregnant women were immunised and made aware of breast feeding.
  13. Under ICDS programme, NBNVS imparted vocational and life skill training to adolescent girls of Reoti and Hanumanganj blocks of Ballia. One hundred twenty rural dropout adolescent girls were trained in skill-based training and made aware of their rights. They became functionally literate. Thirty-five girls become self-employed.
  14. NBNVS organised Mahila Kisan Hit Adhikar Yatra with the support of Aaroh/Oxfam for including the women of the households in the land papers.
  15. With the support of NACO/UPSACS, NBNVS is implementing HIV/AIDs related programme for long distance truck drivers in Transport Nagar, Gorakhpur.