Vision and Mission


The vision of NBNVS is the attainment of a healthy and self-reliant community where the people live in integration, unity, peace and harmony exploitation less free society


The Mission of the organisation is to empower each person or the community irrespective of caste, creed or religion, however vulnerable of disadvantaged it may be, to be able to achieve higher level of consciousness, so as to match mainstream of the society


In order to fulfil the vision and mission, NBNVS works with the following short- and long-term objectives:

  • To improve educational status of the region through removal of illiteracy, action from school dropout children through non-formal education, provision of formal schooling for deprived children and skill development through technical/vocational education.
  • To improve the health status of the community through encouraging the community to participate in spreading health and hygiene awareness and adoption of family welfare norms in the region.